Membership with ACM is more than just a free T-shirt or company tour. Members receive something very valuable in the tech industry—access. As an ACM member, you will gain access to resources and opportunities that are exclusive to members.... Not only will you have access to these benefits, but also to people who can network with you in your journey into the Computer Science world.


Access to Company Tours

ACM members are invited to tag along to tour companies both big and small. This is an opportunity to build your network and utilizing valuable face time with recruiters from top tech companies.

Previous Tours:

Skill Workshops

ACM members will have priority access to skill-building workshops. These workshops help build your technical and professional skills to make you a more marketable candidate in the industry.

ACM T-Shirt

ACM members who fulfill the membership requirements will receive an ACM branded t-shirt to show off their dedication to expanding their education beyond the classroom.


$20 Membership Fee

In order to bring you the best experience, we collect a small $20 per semester to provide t-shirts, pay for company tours, buy coffee for events, and much more. This money feeds directly into ACM activities and ensures active membership brings you the absolute best experience.

We accept cash and Venmo (credit/debit)

Attend 3 Professional Development Seminars

  • At least 1 hosted by ACM

Here at ACM, we are dedicated to providing professional experiences which will carry on with you into your career. These may focus on developing your professional, leadership, or academic skills.