All for one & One for all

We extend our hand to students who need help with their classes, as well as present material not readily available in classes at UC Merced.

Projects and mentors

In ACM, we firmly believe that if you want to be a better programmer, you have to keep on coding. We will help you get started on your first project and help you out with any you already have.

Industry relations

Forming relationships with companies helps bridge the gap between graduation and that first job. We regularly tour companies around the bay area and keep in contact with them.

Chit and chat

If you just want to hang with some cool peeps in CS, then that's just fine as well. We host many social events each semester, and are more than happy to see a new face.

Highlighted Git Repos

Here are some notable projects we have on our club Git repository. Feel free to branch and explore as you wish.

shell exercises

A shell tutorial for beginners. Experience the power that is the shell!

Intro to Unity

An introduction to the Unity framework for making games.

Git Sandbox

Play around with the version control tool, Git.


Explore the code that powers this very website.